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For Events: You can elaborate on how long you've been planning this. What kind of Event you're attempting to put together? And why it's being put together? Who it's for, etc..

For Brands/Companies/Organizations: you can elaborate on; how many years you've been in business, who your competitors are, who your target audience is, basic info & etc..
Do you have a website that we can see to learn about you, your company, and/or who you represent?

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Now we have a couple important questions for ya! Questions that will help us do our job in helping you visualize & execute!

Are you reaching out to Glass Visuals for a Project or an Event? *

- A Project normally results in content being created or visualized for an Idea/Brand/Product/Business/Company etc.

- An Event involves something being covered/documented in the forms of photography and/or video.

What is the goal and intended scope of your project or event? *

Can you share with us the key details, of which we should know about, when putting together "our approach" of how we can handle your project or event? *

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Please be as thorough and clear as possible, as this helps us schedule things as best as possible to fit your needs.
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Would you like to handle this as a Comprehensive Media Event/Project or as a Specific Media Event/Project? *

A Comprehensive Media Project is a project in which multiple aspects of its media elements are handled in the beginning and fleshed out. This ranges from the handling of Logo, graphics, photography, video, and etc simultaneously so that a project can have seamless integration of all media elements. It's like a painting or a piece of architecture; everything works together and looks like it was meant to be together. An example of such is a Nike AD campaign in which all the color scheme, graphics, visual elements, logos, visuals and etc feature a consistent aesthetic. A Specific Media Project is more of a stand-alone project. For example, perhaps you've already handled the photography and web element of your project and all you need is Video work, you can select this option.

IF you selected a Comprehensive Media Event/Project, which one of the projects below best describes your Comprehensive Media Event/Project?

IF you selected a Specific Event/Project, which one of the projects below best describes your Specific Event/Project?

Thank you for all these great details!

Earlier we asked; "What is the initial expected date/timeline of your Event/Project?". After seeing several options, and sharing information with us, what are the potential adjustments to the date/timeline you're willing to compromise on?

This helps us to workout potential timeline issues that may come up in the future.
How prepared are you to move forward with the intended Project or Event?? *

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We just want to communicate to you that the information you've communicated to us, in this form, will be utilized to give you a precise Project/Event Quote. The information communicated will be utilized in putting together a Solid "Plan of Action Document": which is a summary of the details of how we intend to approach your project. The Information here will also be utilized in the preparation of a Contract. Once again, the details communicated in this form will inform the basis of which we handle your expected Project/Event. By clicking accept, you are agreeing that the information you have communicated to us is valid. By clicking accept, you are agreeing that the information you have communicated to us is utilizable in our process of action. By clicking accept, you are agreeing that you communicated information to us in the very beginning: the details of which lead to the approach of which plan to work with you.
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